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Nichrome Wire
Nichrome wire aremade from non-magnetic alloy. These are composed primarily of chromium, nickel, and iron. The wires are known for their high resistivity as well as good oxidation resistance. These have good ductility after and excellent weld ability.
Nichrome Heating Element
The Nichrome Heating Element is the most common resistance wire, suited for heating purposes. It has high resistivity and good resistance to oxidation. It can be used as a heating element and can be wound into coils.
Inconel Round Bar
The Inconel Round Bars can retain their durability. They have corrosion resistance and are applicable with furnace muffles, heat processing system, steam generator, electronic components, and heat exchanger units.
Inconel Plate
The Inconel Plates have many characteristics and are used in paper and pulp industry, heat treating industry, chemical industry, aerospace, food processing, nuclear engineering, etc.
Inconel Sheets
The Inconel Sheets are the ideal materials for applications. These must be used in the extreme temperature applications. Offered sheets are the custom‐engineered products fabricated from steel wire as well as sheet metal.
Hastelloy Round Bar
The Hastelloy Round Bars are suited for several applications such as desulfurization of flue gas equipment and chemical process equipment. These have good machinability and can work with efficiency.
Monel Round Bar
The Monel Round Bars have excellent corrosion resistance and can deal with atmospheric attack as well as sea water corrosion. These have utility in the marine industry as well. The bars show good resistance to reducing acids and are demanded for process paint applications.

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